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SPROUD Barista Pea Milk - 6x1 multipack

Barista edition of pea protein plant based m*lk with added vitamins and calcium to foam. Milk, gluten, soy free and vegan friendly. 

Rich, foamy and low in sugar. Perfect for lattes. Tasty in tea.

Quantity: 6 x 1 Litre multipack

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Code: 1
Brand: Sproud
Category: Sproud
Weight: 6.6 kg
Package: 6 pcs
Pallet: 960 pcs
Vegan: YES
Lactose free: YES
Gluten free: YES

SPROUD Vegan Pea Protein Milk - Barista edition 

We are introducing the barista edition of Sproud pea protein plant based m*lk!

Sproud Original Drink just got a sibling! Here is our amazing Sproud Barista. We know that Sproud tastes great in coffee, so why not go to a higher level? Whether you're foaming it or not, the Barista gives your coffee another WOW moment! The foam from Sproud barista is great, so we recommend that you try to foam it if possible.

The new generation of plant-based dairy alternatives offers an unexplored raw material in this sector, peas. Peas are one of the most sustainable sources of plant protein, as its cultivation consumes significantly less soil and water than in the production of other vegetable milks, such as oats or almonds. In addition, it has only a very low sugar content. Sproud has the same calcium content as classic cow's milk, for which it is enriched with vitamins D2, B2 and B12. Made in Sweden with consideration for our planet.



Water, Rapeseed Oil, Protein from pea (2,5%), Agave Syrup, Acidity Regulator (Dipotassium Phosphate), Mineral [Calcium], Gluten Free Oats Oil, Salt, Vitamins [VitaminD, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12].

Allergy Advice: For allergens,
see ingredients in bold.


Energy 175kJ/
Fat 3.0 g
of which saturates 0.3 g
Carbohydrate 1.8 g
of which sugars 1.8 g
Protein 2.0 g
Salt 0.2 g
Vitamin D 1.0 μg (20%*)
Riboflavin 0.21 mg (15%*)
Vitamin B12 0.38 μg (15%*)
Calcium 120 mg (15%*)